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Caprisius was born from a historical family of the island
who wants to tell Capri and its history 
through attention to detail with unique and refined products.
Our mission is to revive
the experience of a visitor who has experienced Capri
and took it true nature, wanting to honor
the luxuriant nature, the freshness of the sea breeze,
the scents of summer, the charm and history
of a unique place in the world that already from its name
"Caprisius"evokes the emperors Augustus and Tiberius
that I ruled the Roman Empire from their villas in Capri.
Between an icon of beauty and a myth, Capri can be
objectively defined a natural monument of style,
always capable of giving great inspirations.
Shapes and colors of our brand are inspired
to the beauty of the island that never ceases to amaze.





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