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Caprisius gin
Caprisius is an Italian premium gin
which is clear and transparent, 
opening its precious bottles it releases
all the characteristic scents of Capri with sensational
references to the spontaneous herbs of the island
and the scent of the sea.
Maximum expression of flavor, taste,
delicacy and softness.
The spirit of is identified in it Capri.
Born from the voice of the sea in it we find:
juniper, lemon, marjoram, thyme and sea salt. 
All Botanicals of Caprisius are collected in Capri
to then be distilled separately, 
and finally they are intoxicated by the sea breeze
which makes this gin one of a kind.
Staying true to its roots Italian,
Caprisius Gin it is a handmade product
 made with passion and love.
  Distillation takes place in small batches
using only the best botanicals. 
Caprisius Gin has an alcohol by volume of 43%
and the alcohol used is Italian wheat.

  100% Italian

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