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Immerse yourself in an experience of freshness and vitality with Caprisius Citrus, the ideal gin to accompany you during the hottest summer days, perhaps by the pool, while you savor the liveliness of citrus fruits.

Its unique composition, enriched with juniper, lemon, mandarin, orange, orange blossom flowers and a touch of sea salt, captures the very essence of the island of Capri. Every sip of this gin evokes the vibrant and sunny atmosphere of the Mediterranean summer, taking you on a sensorial journey through the most characteristic aromas and flavors of the island.

The Caprisius Citrus bottle is not just a container, but a true visual representation of its main ingredients. Its vibrant and bright colors immediately evoke the iconic landscape of the island, with lemons acting as the undisputed protagonists. Every detail of the bottle is designed to convey the energy and freshness of Capri, making this gin not just a drink, but an experience to be fully enjoyed.