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Hibiscus Fizz
- 5 cl Caprisius gin
- 5 cl lemon juice
- 2.5 home made basil and lime syrup
- top Hibiscus tonic
- Garnish basil and lemon peel
(Daniele Chirico & Enzo Iovi)
Punta Tragara Hotel 


An American in Capri
- 4 cl Farrochina baliva
- 2 cl Liqueur Strega
- 2 cl Caprisius gin
- soda top
- Garnish fresh mint and lemon zest
(Gioacchino Coppola)
Capri Tiberio Palace

Capri Mule

- 5 cl Caprisius gin
- 12 cl ginger beer
-1 cl fresh lime
(Jacopo Saporito)
Gintonic Italy

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