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Explore the wild and lush essence of Capri with Caprisius gin Garden, a herbaceous gin that will lead you through the rugged paths of the island, suspended between sky and sea, with the majestic Faraglioni standing out on the horizon.

This gin expertly combines a selection of local botanicals, including juniper, rosemary, olive leaves, caper buds and a touch of sea salt, to create a unique aromatic bouquet that tells the story of the island itself. Every sip of Caprisius Garden is an invitation to explore the uncontaminated nature of Capri, while the scent of rosemary and the pungent flavor of caper transport you directly to the paths between the cliffs.

The bottle of Caprisius Garden is a visual homage to the wild beauty of Capri, with its colors that evoke the lush vegetation of the island. Every detail of the bottle has been designed to capture the essence of Capri's nature, inviting you to discover its hidden treasures and completely immerse yourself in its unique and evocative atmosphere.